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Professor Malcolm Toft is a legendary recording engineer and console designer with over 50 years experience in the recording industry. As a recording engineer, he recorded David Bowie’s Space Oddity album and mixed The Beatles’ single; Hey Jude. He also recorded James Taylors first album, and 3 albums with T-Rex. As a console designer, he founded renowned console manufacturer Trident Audio Developments which became a leading company in the recording industry supplying top recording studios across the world. Creating the sound for: Queen, David Bowie, Genesis, Elton John and countless other artists...... His consoles are still widely used and are highly regarded for their depth of sound and warmth.

Malcolm with Marc
Malcolm Toft, Tony Visconti and Marc Bolan - Trident Studios
Tony Visconti, Malcolm Toft
In recent years Malcolm has designed and built a range of  replacement energy efficent power supplies for SSL and Neve consoles, thus starting Mpower systems.  These super efficent new supplies are being used all over the world with much praise from their new owners.

We are about to release an exciting new range of audio tools starting with the PUNISHR 500 series in May 2022.

Watch this space!!
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